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Wuxi Hongchangyuan machine Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Taihu Lake - Lake, Jiangsu province Wuxi City foreshore transportation is convenient, the geographical position is superior, adjacent to S19 Wuxi Nanquan outlet, Wuxi metro line south end, drove Shuofang airport 20 minutes. The company is a professional engaged in CNC cylindrical grinder, CNC grinder transformation, vertical lathe numerical control transformation and plastic flaking machine development, design, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises. Widely used in automobile, motorcycle, household appliances, tractor, motor, sewing machine, gear, engine, mold manufacturing, roll grinding, aviation parts processing, wind power, solar photovoltaic industry

The company spirit of "sincerity oriented, quality and price, and thoughtful service, the user first" business philosophy, and rely on the strong technical force, advanced assembly technology, 6S .....

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Wuxi Hongchangyuan machine Co., Ltd.
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Add.Shanshuicheng Science and Technology
Industrial Park, NO.28, Nanhuzhong Rd.,
Binhu District,Wuxi,Jiangsu

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 Add.Shanshuicheng Science and Technology Industrial Park,NO.28,Nanhuzhong Rd.,Binhu District,Wuxi,Jiangsu

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